Deciphering Neuronal Mechanisms in Health and Disease

Brains are capable of forming polysensory percepts of our environment, and using this information to make decisions and execute complex behaviors. These processes are strongly influenced by past experience and innate behavioral programs, and are modulated by arousal or motivational state. The IEECR Bonn scientists have a passion for understanding these processes at the level of single cells and more complex circuits in model organisms and human subjects. The groups of the institute are using scale bridging approaches to relate the functional properties of cells, defined neuronal networks and modulatory systems to behavior. Leveraging these innovative technologies for a better understanding and treatment of brain disorders, in particular epilepsy, is one of the major directions within the IEECR.


BECK GROUP: Neuronal input-output computation during cognition

EWELL GROUPCellular Mechanisms of Cognition

KUNZ GROUPNeurometabolics

MODY GROUPNeuronal Networks in Health and Disease

SCHWARZ GROUPFunctional Neuroconnectomics

WEBER GROUPDecision Neuroscience and Neuroeconomics

Platform NeuroCognition, Life & Brain

Life & Brain Electrophysiology Services