AG Schwarz publishes a paper on light-sheet fluorescence expansion microscopy

In collaboration with the AG Kubitscheck from the Institute of Physical and Theoretical Chemistry the AG Schwarz worked on a new method that allows a faster high-resolution imaging of large cell ensembles by using light-sheet fluorescence expansion microscopy. The resulting paper will appear in the January issue of Neurophotonics and is also available online:

Jana Bürgers, Irina Pavlova, Juan E. Rodriguez-Gatica, Christian Henneberger, Marc Oeller, Jan A. Ruland, Jan P. Siebrasse, Ulrich Kubitscheck, Martin K. Schwarz (2019) Light-sheet fluorescence expansion microscopy: fast mapping of neural circuits at super resolution. Neurophoton 6(1): 015005. doi: 10.1117/1.NPh.6.1.015005

Abstract: The goal of understanding the architecture of neural circuits at the synapse level with a brain-wide perspective has powered the interest in high-speed and large field-of-view volumetric imaging at subcellular resolution. Here, we developed a method combining tissue expansion and light-sheet fluorescence microscopy to allow extended volumetric super-resolution high-speed imaging of large mouse brain samples. We demonstrate the capabilities of this method by performing two color fast volumetric super-resolution imaging of mouse CA1 and dentate gyrus molecular-, granule cell-, and polymorphic layers. Our method enables an exact evaluation of granule cell and neurite morphology within the context of large cell ensembles spanning several orders of magnitude in resolution. We found that imaging a brain region of 1 mm3 in super-resolution using light-sheet fluorescence expansion microscopy is about 17-fold faster than imaging the same region by a current state-of-the-art high-resolution confocal laser scanning microscope.

For a full version of the paper please klick here.